program & portfolio management

Centralized and coordinated management to achieve strategic objectives

To ensure the quality of delivered application services, INTALEQ follows the Application Development Process (ADP) to elevate its projects. ADP is a matured service delivery framework that incorporates project management practices including but not limited to time and cost estimations, project scheduling, resource planning, risk management and reporting.

We also manage large scale application portfolios with program management professionals who are skilled & experienced in project management, delivery management and project level engagement through their extensive knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The need for faster go-to-market deliveries is ever increasing and with our vast experience in delivering time critical projects or addressing last minute requirements within compressed timelines for mega events, the INTALEQ team is well positioned to execute the engagement of large-scale programs in an agile and effective manner.

Application Development Process (ADP)

INTALEQ follows the Application Development Process (ADP) to develop the projects to ensure that all the stakeholders follow a uniform process for delivering IT Projects. Additionally, it is also meant to:

Application Delivery

Based on our experience and our understanding of what it takes to run a successful event, our solutions are architected to be able to meet the different needs that arise from different type of events.

This is achieved by designing our solution to have foundational components that are common to any type of event along with the capability of extending these components with event specific solutions to cater for the specific requirements of certain events along with the additional flexibility of being able to integrate with other solutions that customers may already have.

Application Delivery Expertise

INTALEQ’s Application Delivery Team brings with them years of in-depth knowledge across the following core domains

Integration Testing Support

INTALEQ has a robust testing and quality assurance practice that starts from the onset of the project delivery lifecycle through to deployment. We ensure the highest level of quality assurance practices are followed as part of the project delivery. Tests can be carried out in multiple environments such as Development, System Integration Test (SIT), QA, Staging, and others whereby test results are stored & documented within a Test Summary Report. All details of the issues and resolutions are logged in to Visual Studio Test Suite and reports are made available to analyze performance metrics.

INTALEQ resources can fully support the execution of other tests as per the needs of the project including - User Validation Tests (UVT), User Acceptance Tests (UAT), Homologation Tests (HT) - a specific UAT sanctioned by International Federations (IF) & media organizations and Technology Rehearsals (TR) - an operational readiness exercise performed by the customer and other stakeholder organizations, as applicable to each application.

Operational Support

With over 150 services under the INTALEQ IT Service Management (ITSM) practice and 24/7 operations throughout the year, INTALEQ is well equipped in providing technical support operations for your organization. Our technical support operations provide end-to-end coverage including Level 1 Service Desk support, Level 2 support operations management with INTALEQ’s technical support teams & Level 3 support with original equipment manufacturers and product vendors.

INTALEQ has extensive experience in conducting technical support operations for international events which includes setting up dedicated service desk operations for an event, SLA management, setting up hotlines for requests & incidents interactions and establishing a central Command & Control layer to manage and monitor the overall event support operations ensuring.

The INTALEQ support team are certified with a range of industry certifications including ITIL, ISO 20000 ITSM and ISO 27001 ISMS. By engaging with INTALEQ, these resources, tools and processes can be extended to and embedded within the customer’s support operations practice as needed where INTALEQ can manage & operate your support network or by enhancing existing support operations via our ICT strategy & advisory services.