multifaceted solutions to ever changing environments / Weighing strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats across a full spectrum of investments.

INTALEQ stands strong owing to its involvement in managing the technology portfolio of a multi-disciplinary sports campus in Aspire Zone Foundation. Having handled and operated on a plethora of state-of-the-art venues and events, over the last few years, our team is equipped with significant subject matter expertise. We have been partnering with leading global technology companies and have established alliances that have been utilized for our own success stories in building unique innovative sports technology products across a wide range of sports domains.


One of our strong suits that draws from overseeing a wide range of global venues, stadiums and large multi-sport complexes within the Aspire Zone Foundation.


Our ambitious and visionary response to the challenges & complexities of managing large scale venues concurrently; the smart way.

Event management

At Intaleq, we take pride in applying our project management skills to the creation and development of small and large-scale sporting and entertainment events.

Sport performance

INTALEQ has vast experience in developing end-to-end solutions covering the full life-cycle of a student or athletes’ performance management from their education, career development, academic support and care.

Sports Medicine

As the technology services provider of Aspetar, the FIFA accredited Orthopedic Hospital in Qatar, INTALEQ has developed vast experiences within the sports healthcare domain.

Fan Experience

We believe that the creative use of technology is a key differentiating factor that is paramount in transforming any major event into a memorable one.