fan experience

Delivering a Universal visitor experience across all stadiums

The creative use of technology is a key differentiating factor that is paramount in transforming any major event into a memorable one and this cannot be truer than in the case of delivering a sublime fan experience! In this era where fans are forever connected with their surroundings, and have become huge consumers & providers of digital information, the usage of technology and how it is applied to the Fan Experience needs to change and evolve.

INTALEQ is known for developing unified online fan experience platforms that act as a one-stop shop for all fan-related services. These platforms bring together the host country’s eco-system under a single unified service portfolio whereby a wide range of services are delivered to the fan through various tools, technologies & mobile platforms specifically tailored for the experience of a lifetime.

From purveying interactive views of stadiums, real-time tournament information, detailed navigation to venues across various modes of transportation to providing tailored services based on the fan’s profile, INTALEQ comes with strong technical and domain knowledge in delivering fan experience solutions for any event.
Our competencies even include ordering food or merchandise online, augmented reality for way-finding, interactive ticketing solutions, artificial intelligence & cognitive services for fan engagement, sentiment analysis and chatbot platforms for automated fan interactions.