mega event cyber security services

Leveraging technology and services to keep cyber threats at bay

Major sporting events today incorporate new forms of connective technology in terms of scoring and judging systems or for retail transactions and home viewer experiences. The adapting of new technology is a great opportunity but also poses certain risks.

The change in landscape due to technological advances such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing has increased the level of ubiquitous connectivity for users yet this has also increased the risk of cyber-attacks and has added a new level of burden on cybersecurity teams. Therefore, it is critical for event organizers to stay ahead of such threats posed by hacker communities, nation-states or even misconfigured devices that can open new attack vectors.

INTALEQ possesses highly skilled and competent IT professionals with niche skills and a proven track record in delivering ICT services to sports clubs & federations and international events with the most relevant being Qatar World Cup 2022.

With a consortium of world-class cybersecurity providers such as SecureWorks, Palo Alto Networks and Microsoft in our extensive business partner ecosystem, you can be rest assured of a comprehensive Cybersecurity portfolio from us.

We understand that with sporting events, there is no margin for error. Hence, with our expertise in delivering live events and leveraging our partnerships with global cybersecurity industry players, you can rely on INTALEQ to be your trusted mega event cyber security service provider.