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We are proud of our deep-rooted experience in managing a wide range of venues from stadiums, large sports complexes, aquatic arenas and more within the Aspire Zone Foundation. Each venue has its own unique characteristic and complexities. As these venues host prestigious international events all year-round, it is critical to ensure that stakeholders are being provided with effective and reliable technology services that can meet the demands of daily venue operations as well as be scaled up to address peak needs during tournaments with an optimal void of hindrances.

INTALEQ has also been granted with the mission-critical responsibility of delivering technology services across all the World Cup stadiums for FIFA 2022 in Qatar. Our engagement with the 2022 World Cup spans across the entire rollout; from developing the overall ICT Strategy & Program Roadmap, ICT portfolio development & prioritization to the implementation of the technology solutions and ongoing technical support operations. Such venue technology delivery programs follow our unique framework that can be customized to meet the internals needs of all sorts of events owing to the complexity of network limitations and unforeseen impairments.

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Showcasing Some of the Venues Powered by INTALEQ’s Technology Services

Khalifa Stadium
Hamad Aquatic Center
Aspire Academy Multipurpose Hall
Ladies Club