connected stadiums platform

Our one-stop agile solution platform for the dynamic world of sporting events

The Connected Stadiums (CS) Platform is our ambitious and visionary response to the challenges & complexities of managing large scale venues concurrently in an efficient and intelligent manner. INTALEQ, in partnership with Microsoft & Honeywell, have developed a Smart Connected venues platform that provides the ability to connect, manage & provide a consistent set of ICT services to relevant venues, major events or for smart city scenarios.

Apart from significant operational and financial benefits, the CS platform enables different systems to integrate and communicate with one another thus providing smart solutions to venues and stakeholders who interact with them such as fans, stadium owners, organizing committees or security agencies. Having these smart and intelligent services provisioned from a central platform will provide operators with a common set of competences, service quality levels and a consistent experience throughout.

Key Capabilities

Key Domains

The Service Portfolio under the Connected Stadiums Platform is divided across the following Key Service Domains.

This management discipline covers all the services that provide support to venues during an event or non-event mode of operation. The set of services in this domain include IBMS, BMS, energy management systems, lighting controls, asset management, parking management, traffic management and more. The services contributing to GSAS Operations certificates such as Energy Performance Label (EPL); Water Performance Label (WPL); Indoor Environmental Quality Label (IEQL) and Waste Management Label (WML) are also included under this service domain. These services include energy metering and measurement, heating, ventilation, cooling, air quality (CO2 level), Illumination (Lux Level), thermal comfort, water management services along with the measurement and management of energy consumption of the stadium in addition to solid waste tracking.

This domain ensures complete coverage over the security services required for a venue. Video surveillance, CCTV, access control, crowd management, vehicle monitoring & surveillance, fire monitoring and management services are some of our specialties.
The services in the domain operate in an integrated fashion connecting with all required subsystems.

Integrated audio-visual services are pivotal for unified communications at events. Our superior AV services include interactive, responsive and static video content and application delivery in stadiums and arenas but are also not limited to signage, interactive kiosks, wayfinding services & any other video system used pre, post or during the event. The service domain covers all the audio requirements of the stadium.

The services in this domain include but are not limited to the Public address system, stadium audio system, press conference system, interpreter and translator system and any other audio system used pre, post or during the event.

All the services that support visitors to our stadiums or venues fall under this realm. The services range from mass access management of fans to the venue, help point systems, ticketing, food and merchandise point of sales to specialized services for VIPs.
The visitor management services also consider all unique services required to assist disabled persons. The special needs services include induction loop systems, disabled toilet alarm systems with the key aim to ensure safety, comfort and an equal experience for visitors with impairments.

Functioning under event and non-event modes, our services under ICT include stadium connectivity, radio and mobile communications, mobile command and control center, multi-channel point of sale payment processing & broadcasting support and more.
All these services allow for better and efficient operations of the sports venue by enabling connectivity.