digital transformation

Creating, Modifying & Adapting

INTALEQ understands the power of technology and the need to harness it in a manner that can simplify operations, provide insights for informed decision making & identify bottlenecks for continual optimization & improvements in the way sports arenas are managed & operated.

We have been pioneers in driving digital transformations of sports venues in Qatar. With a team of seasoned professionals experienced in venue technology and operations, we have successfully designed, implemented and operated venues as either greenfield projects. Our approach to the transformation of existing venues focuses on the optimization of technology, resources and processes to establish a smart and digital vision and roadmap for the venue. We have successfully established and created reference architectures and frameworks for the deployment of such platforms to host multiple connected venues.

With dynamic developments in technology, we have been one of the first master systems integrators to establish a unified platform for venue digitization which facilitates the convergence of venue IT and OT technologies. This convergence helps in the optimization of a venue‘s operational services by providing advanced level automation of workflows in line with standard operating procedures and associated best practices. INTALEQ, being a Microsoft partner, has built this digital platform on Azure services thus enabling the centralized management and operations of any venue irrespective of location & geography.